LFC Fashion Affair at Bour-Bon Restaurant in Paris, KY

In collaboration with the Lexington Fashion Collaborative the Bour-Bon Restaurant, Craft Cocktail Bar, and Music Revues presented the FASHION AFFAIR, a runway Show and Silent Auction of “The Stitching Art Exhibit Collection”, directly from the Headley-Whitney Museum.  Part of the proceeds to benefited Old Friends, a Kentucky facility of retired thoroughbreds.

This was a fun event on August 29th, 2014 at the Bour-Bon Restaurant in Paris, KY. There were beautiful models and wonderful designer clothing by local designers.  Entertainment by The Salsa Center. I was responsible for getting head shots of all the models. I had scoped out the space earlier and had decided where I would set up my lighting and back drop. I didn’t need a lot of space for the head shots. I was using flash so the lights were portable. I scoped out a space at the end of the hallway and had it approved by Edd and felt certain all was good. Well of course on the night of the event I entered the hallway and to my surprise it was packed with family members and friends of the models. I was panicking  because my space was no longer available. Yikes! There is always plan B. So with a little ingenuity and moving a few things around I managed to carve  out a space. And I managed to get all the head shots in time. It was hectic but a successful night. Lesson learned was arrive even earlier than planned in order to claim space. I am so glad I was able to participate in this fun event.


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